What is the Transoft Educational Program?

At the beginning of 2019, Transoft officially launched the “Transoft Educational Program (TEP)”, wherein the company began formalizing collaboration with educational institutions that provide relevant technical or graduate transportation engineering programs. Via TEP, the company plans on collaborating with these institutions and is prepared to:

  • Make its’ software products available at no cost for use in the institution’s curriculum, labs, and course projects
  • Work with the institution in the development of practical curricula
  • Provide guest lectures, either in person or via the internet, that connect theory to the practical aspects of transportation engineering
  • Collaborate with institutions on research that Transoft would like to pursue
  • Collaborate with institutions on research suitable for commercialization.
  • Provide students with project, summer work, and co-op program opportunities


Any educational institutions that teach transportation engineering courses and/or have practical training programs are eligible to be a part of TEP. These courses and training programs may be at the diploma, undergraduate, or graduate level. It is important that the course program includes a practical project where students may benefit from the use of Transoft’s software.

With regard to Transoft research collaboration, Transoft is specifically seeking to work with institutions that have post- graduate programs in the areas of design, safety, traffic analysis and modelling, and where master’s students maybe available to work on projects ranging from 3-12 months in length.

Transoft will provide the following benefits and opportunities to the educational institutions

Network Licenses

  • Provide industry leading Transoft software for up to 30 users at no cost
  • Software must be housed, managed, and maintained on the institution’s server


  • On engineering principles and on our software
  • Through real case studies
  • Guest lectures by our qualified engineers & associates
  • Assist in organizing outside guest lectures to present to students at no cost to your institution


  • Student internships
  • Imparting engineering expertise


  • For graduate research work on Transoft projects

How is the program managed?

TEP is managed by Transoft’s Customer Engagement Manager. Upon receipt of an institutional application and approval by Transoft, Transoft will work with the institution’s contact to arrange for the deployment of software and to discuss and plan guest lectures, case studies, curricula, and research collaborations.

What are the educational institutes obligations?

The TEP is NOT onerous but institutions will be required to co-operate in a positive manner to ensure its success and provide benefit to students, instructors and lecturers, and the institute. The institutional obligations are described briefly as follows:

  • The Institute will be required to manage the software licenses to ensure the software is ONLY used for educational purposes.
  • Co-ordinate and ensure that all arrangements pertaining to guest lectures, and training activities are planned in advance and on a mutually acceptable schedule.
  • Assist with finding students, as needed by Transoft, that may have an interest in an internship/co-op work or undertaking research.

Collaboration on Transportation Research Projects with Transoft

Transoft, from time to time, has needs that are well suited to post-grad students. The projects can range from practical field and literature studies, to new and leading-edge research activities. The company is keen on building relationships with educational institutes that have graduate research curriculums in transportation. We are interested in funding transportation related projects that are of interest and support our corporate product development.

Expectations: Dedicated researchers to complete the assigned projects diligently and expeditiously, as well as agreeing to a non-disclosure agreement between the researcher and Transoft. In return Transoft will provide the necessary funding based on a mutually agreeable arrangement.