We’re interested in working with educational institutions that
provide relevant technical or graduate transportation planning and engineering programs

Transoft will provide the following benefits and opportunities to the educational institutions at no cost

Network Licenses

  • Provide industry leading Transoft software for up to 30 users
  • Software must be housed, managed, and maintained on the institution’s server


  • On engineering principles and on our software
  • Through real case studies
  • Guest lectures by our qualified engineers & associates
  • Assist in organizing outside guest lectures to present to students at no cost to your institution


  • Student internships
  • Imparting engineering expertise


  • For graduate research work on Transoft projects

Transoft has provided software to educational institutions for over 25 years. Here are more institutions that have used our software in their teaching programs:

Transoft has provided software and support to BCIT for years. We are proud of our partnership with BCIT and look forward to continued success in the future.

Transoft has collaborated on the development of a practical crash prediction model for modern roundabouts with Ryerson University. Another project involved the development of an In-Vehicle Collision Warning System for Two-Lane Highways Considering Driver Characteristics.

*The above logos belong to the respective institutions

About Transoft Solutions

Transoft Solutions develops and supports innovative and timesaving CAD-based software for engineers, architects, and drafters for their civil and infrastructure design and planning needs.

Transoft’s products have become the de facto standard of the departments of transportation of many state and national agencies throughout the world – a level of success that clearly makes us a worldwide leader in our field.

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